Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I'm getting the EebieFreebies!

I am not a fan of the ebook it has to be said, preferring the touch of the page in my hands, the smell of the glue and the whole heady world created once you start to flip through the pages, but it has to be said there are some advantages to ebooks - when they are of course FREE!

Catching up this morning on some of my subscribed blogs I spotted a free download for 'The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue'  which given my recent spate of expletive exploitation was an immediate draw!  The Book Depository has many free ebooks (over 11,000 in fact if their home page is to be believed) so it may well be worth a browse before once more reaching for the credit card and logging on to Abe or Amazon! You get a lot of the classics, which are well out of their copyright so any old shyster can publish a version, but a word of caution; sometimes these copies are not edited thoroughly, or contain errors - so always try to read a reputable edition! (Did you hear my teacherly tone there?) 

So if like me you want a dose of the EebieFreebies then here are some links to sites which may have a free version just for your delectation ...

Get Free Books
Free Ebooks
Ebook Directory
Project Guttenberg ( a must for scholars)
Many Books

Completely Novel (which is also a community for writers and is largely about new work)

The list isn't exhaustive but it should provide plenty of choice!

And just a final "heads up" to any stationery fetishists out there ...

 THE PAPERIE  HAS A SALE ON BUT IT ENDS TODAY!!!! So stock up on your new term notebooks and stationery now while prices are still low!
Right now it is back to the grindstone for me ...

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  1. That looks fucking brilliant! (Sorry, but you really shouldn't encourage me.)

    It would be lovely if you were to be my friend on Facebook. (That sounds terribly pathetic, doesn't it? Sorry, I can't figure out how the rephrase it to remove the pathos right now.) I'm easy to find. There are only three Sleepyducks and I'm the only one called Paul. I looked for you and couldn't find you, though I did find someone who might be you... but then again might not...

    I've just noticed that I've already apologised twice in this comment. Oh well, might as well apologise for apologising so much... Sorry...


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