Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Oohhh so it is nearly Christmas ...

and I am here for the last time in the office to clear out anything I may need over the period it will be closed and to make sure that I don't forget anything precious!
Give then stack of books I am working from just now this is no easy task I can tell you!
However I do have 10,000 words and counting now - so the back of the piece is broken. Good job it isn't due in until mid-Jan. However mid-Jan comes around a lot quicker than you might think so I need to write some more definitely!
My mother arrives tomorrow - but her flight isn't until much later on so I hope I can get something done during the day!!!
The piece feels more coherent and on topic than most of what I have written lately so lets hope the supervisors think so too!
I am finding it hard to believe that this semester is almost at a close - where does the time disappear to?

Right - now for some work!!! :D If I can get over the last day of school feeling that seems to have settled in!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

kindness is its own reward

After dragging myself out of my bed this morning, my tennis elbow throbbing and my body yelling "GO BACK TO SLEEP" I dragged myself into the office to find a wee gift sitting on my desk! From our cleaner. I was really surprised and quite touched.
As I was sitting at my desk she popped her head round the door unaware that I was in - she had been leaving me a note to tell me why she'd left me a pressie; apparently she has been having a very tough year and I always cheer her up! Me! I hadn't realised what affect a cheery good morning and a five minute chat can have on someone who might be feeling a little bit low.
It just goes to show you, appreciation can come from the most unlikely sources and kindness, which costs nothing, can be its own reward.
It has fair set me smiling for the day - and I told her.
Perhaps this is what's meant by the true meaning of Christmas?

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. " H. Jackson Brown Junior.