Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Oohhh so it is nearly Christmas ...

and I am here for the last time in the office to clear out anything I may need over the period it will be closed and to make sure that I don't forget anything precious!
Give then stack of books I am working from just now this is no easy task I can tell you!
However I do have 10,000 words and counting now - so the back of the piece is broken. Good job it isn't due in until mid-Jan. However mid-Jan comes around a lot quicker than you might think so I need to write some more definitely!
My mother arrives tomorrow - but her flight isn't until much later on so I hope I can get something done during the day!!!
The piece feels more coherent and on topic than most of what I have written lately so lets hope the supervisors think so too!
I am finding it hard to believe that this semester is almost at a close - where does the time disappear to?

Right - now for some work!!! :D If I can get over the last day of school feeling that seems to have settled in!

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