Me, Myself and I

The Pimpernel.

A mature postgraduate student
(as opposed to an immature one!),
A mother, a partner, a friend, a daughter but not a sister, a niece, a cousin, a woman.
A divorcee (how very modern),
A Ms ... not a MISS or a MRS! ...
A feminist, which despite its recent connotations
Is not a dirty word, an expletive, a put down, an insult or a crime!
Quick to defend but hard to insult.
Quixotic, enthusiastic, liberal,
Wary of anything that involves bowing down to a deity, no matter what the denomination!
Pretentious at times, at others pragmatic.
Dissembling can be a good thing when it stops the hurting.
Irascible bon viveur with a Wildean penchant ...
Not for young boys but for aphorisms, neologisms and
Acerbic witticisms!
"I like hearing myself talk. It is one of my greatest pleasures."
Give it to me straight!!!!
Dispense with the frills and flounces,
Bells and whistles, as to obfuscate
is but another word for deception and
Lies by any name are never sweet.
Appearances are always what they seem and yet
Never what they appear...
Stationery was made to be stroked, caressed, loved and
This doesn't make me a pervert ... or maybe it does?
Academia doesn't have to be stuffy or pretentious ...
But it can be useful if you can adopt this air whenever it's required of you!
Writing liberates the soul.
Plagiarism is Perfidy!
To be yourself is the hardest job of all... Juggling is an acquired skill!