Friday, 9 September 2011

Return from the Dead

A year has past since my last post.

I feel as though I am resurrecting the dead in returning to this blog. It slipped from my consciousness when life began to run a little out of my control.

The reason for my absence was a restructuring of my academic life. I needed to break from routines and patterns of behaviour that were becoming non conducive to a healthy mental state. I came within a breath of giving it up altogether!

I broke my leg in January and this forced me to take a literal break from everything else. It was oddly enough a restorative time in my life.

And now I find myself facing a huge career building moment and I am lost for words and once again facing my own little wall of tiny writer's blocks! So I thought I would just pop in here and say - I AM SHITTING MYSELF!

That could be a self portrait of me just now as I keep opening books trying to find the inspiration to start the writing process. (Well it could be except I am blond and blue eyed and slightly less gormless looking!)

I better get on with it - I fly next week!

in other news ... well let's face it if I sat here and waffled on for pages and pages about all the things that have happened in the last 12 months since my last entry, that would just be me procrastinating wouldn't it? ... and I can't possibly allow myself to spend any more time doing that!

But - before I get right down to it,  let me just have a browse through some other academic blogs and see if I am the only one who finds the actual getting in with it this difficult!


  1. Glad To see you're back!

  2. I moved my blog to: hope you get time to take a look

    (StudentMum) now StudyingParent, still Jan!


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