Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Taking Stock

So a new semester is about to launch itself onto the unsuspecting freshers and I have been laid low with the usual bout of freshers flu.
I have touched base with my Supervisor this week and we have decided on a course of action that if it is approved should prevent me imploding on myself and leaving a nasty body fluid stain on the library books that currently surround me help alleviate some of the desire to run rampage naked throughthe town centre yelling I AM NOT JUST A PHD STUDENT I AM ALSO A HUMAN BEING pressure that has been building over the previous months.

I think it is time for a bit of a shake up and a new approach - so plans are in development.
But for the time being all the balls are up in the air as I do all the necessary paperwork and gubbins that accompany a new year as a researcher.

Because of the flu I haven't really done much the last few days so this is more of a case of saying 'I am still alive' and ' normal service should be resumes soon'!

Thanks for recent comments - I love signing in and seeing some feedback!

I got the tickets in the post for the holiday in TWO WEEKS TODAY! I can't wait - this knackered old body of mine is in dire need of some sunshine!

Off for another dose of paracetamol and a hot toddy! No licking the screen - I just sneezed on it!


  1. A holiday? I hope you feel much better by then.

  2. God! As a fellow PhD student (and 'mature age', too) I can relate to this, the first blog of yours I've read ... thank you for sharing ... makes me feel not so alone, at least! Here's to 2011 being creative and wonderful - for us all <3

  3. Hi! I regularly enjoy reading your blog and have awarded you a stylish blogger award. For more details visit

    You've been missed, hope all is OK.


  4. Get well soon! How awful to be sick. And there is NEVER a good time for it.

  5. Get well soon. I hope that your freshers cold goes away by the time that you go on holiday. Good to hear things are ok otherwise.


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