Tuesday, 7 September 2010


St Andrews Sept 6th 2010 .
It has rained and rained and rained ... then it rained some more. It lashed it down, hesitated for a nanosecond and then lashed it down some more. I was scared to venture out, as everyone knows I may well melt in the rain! (spot the intertextual TWOO reference there ... these may crop up from time to time because as I get older I look to my childhood reading for assurance) 

But the sound of it was lovely ... there is nothing to compare to the sound of pounding rain on a window, when you are tucked up cosy indoors. Or the guttural spluttering as a drain overflows and the excess water splashes jubilantly down the gutter.  It threatened to thunder and lightening just now and then it petered out ... disappointingly. There is nothing like a good storm to clear the air and make you feel newer, fresher.

There is only one sound I love more than the deluge of rain and that is the crashing of a turbulent sea - and St Andrews Bay was just that yesterday. I popped down to take some pics when I finished at Uni and the wind near stole my breathe away, and whipped my hair round my face. It was invigorating to stand out on the outcrop of rocks and take pictures of the spray.The act of being there did me the power of good. I could taste the salt spray on my fingers, and the rich metallic tang of the sea was all around in the air.

I do feel more positive today. I do feel more like 'me'... feisty, belligerent and up to the job! Maybe writing it all out here is like therapy - with the Internet as the therapist?  It was touching to know a few people had taken the time to read the drivel and get to the end of it and still have enough energy to comment!

I took the time yesterday to visit the library and before I could swither (Scots word for change my mind) I handed in my forms for my returning student and my web page ... only trouble is my portrait is rubbish and I don't really have a decent one to submit! I look like a shell shocked consumptive in the school one!

My desk - the pile of papers in the centre are my drafts of this section!
So all that remains now is for me to plough through the papers on my desk and get writing... Oh Joy!
Early to bed me thinks... and long may the rain continue to keep me indoors and at my keyboard!

Update - I have been inaugurated into British Mummy Bloggers ... all that awaits me now is my first secret mission - which is to find out what the hell I am supposed to do with it now I have joined! I've also joined Judith's Room - ditto! No idea why ... just seemed the thing to do!

Me - playing Shadow puppets on a Slow Research Day!

**TWOO is The Wizard of Oz. I sometimes feel, as a parent, I am cast as the much maligned and misunderstood WWotW! ;)**


  1. Rain - great! Feeling positive - great! BMB - fucking excellent!

  2. Lovely photo, it must be great to live somewhere with 'real' and invigorating weather. Here in the shires we just get drizzle!

  3. What a difference a day and I bit of wind and rain makes! Didn't comment yesterday as the duck did the business. The shell shocked consumptive is an image we must see. Can't be any worse than each day looking more and more like your dad (respect Dad, but I'm far to young for that just yet).

  4. I love the photo of your desk. It looks like a lot of great work is being done at that desk! I wish my desk looked like that. But, alas, my desk is in the children's playroom, so really, I don't use it much.


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