Pictura Perfecta: A Gallery of Pictures taken by Me.

The Sky at Night - should mean a beautiful day will dawn - so why is it dull and threatening rain?

Loch Tay in April - brrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Pimpernel's life is a cluttered one!

Obligatory flower shot - pretentiously entitled 'Daffodils on Sand Dunes'

Bruach's - one of my favourite bars to drink cocktails and enjoy some good company.

Romanticising books!

Henri Gaudier Brzeska at Kettles yard in Cambridge - a whole room dedicated to his sculpture and sketches! Breath taking - the whole house is a museum to Modernist Art.
Seagulls over the Tay.

The Tay Estuary in Winter

Heart Lamp illuminated

A Sculture in Paris.

A petrifying log (well it isn't that petrifying maybe I mean putrefying?) 

The River Cam - with Punts

An Optician's sign in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow