Wednesday, 2 September 2009

day Three in the Ph.D House and the Pimpernel is nowhere to be seen??

Well that's not true - I am here, in the office ready for day! After a great day in the NLS yesterday researching it has finally hit me I have to have a more cohesive strategy for this research. My haphazard attitude is no good! I need to draw up a chapter plan and stick to it!
It's so bewildering - and everyone else seems so clued up on it all! I keep thinking what am I missing (apart from the correct brain formation and genetic material for brilliance).

So today- I am mostly trying to think about what exactly interests me in this material and what would be interesting and practical to research! And what actually constitutes a PhD! And hopefully it will be original and I shall get some gold stars this year instead of feeling the utter failure I did last yr!

Oh Lord! It's just beginning to sound too much like a tall order!

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