Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pre-writing Limbo

I am at 'that' stage; you know what I mean, where you have done the research, planned (in your head) the rough draft of the chapter, decided in the main what you want to say, but need to actually start!
Procrastination City!
So what do you do? You sit at the computer, you open up word! Good start you think, word is open! Look at that, a whole, blank, fresh clean white screen with all those little twiddly buttons on the tool bar.
Keyboard ready, notebook to hand, maybe even the web browser has been closed in preparation for the big moment!

So do you start to type, oh no! That would be, well, hasty in the extreme.

Best check facebook! get that up to date and then start writing, otherwise it will keep flickering across your mind all the time!

And then - well update the blog, let all of my one followers know I AM ABOUT TO START WRITING PEOPLE! ... erm person!

Then of course you need an image - no entry is complete without the image is it?

Phone rings, well you have to answer, it might be important.

Telesales - still you never know!

Silence falls, the cursor is blinking ... so now all I have to do is write, right?


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