Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Moaning, groaning and whinging

... seems to be a public pastime these days - wherever you go or log in to you get a plethora of gripes and grimaces greeting you. Now I know I am the world's worst whinger at times, but I am optimistic, and all the groaning and bellyaching can have a very negative effect on one.

So today I am going to be positively cheerful - the PMA will take precedence and I shall not sit and grumble about my son being sick, my IBS playing up (4 times to the loo and back this morning already!) or the house looking like a shit-tip!

NO!!! NO I say! I will be positive!

I HAVE READ TWO CHAPTERS AND I AM STARTING ON THE THIRD!!!!! Ideas are formulating. My brain is making noises of the intellectual variety and I am in noway daunted by the prospect of applying Worringer's theory of Abstraction and Empathy in art to literary modernism!!! :D

Positivity - that's the word of the day!!!!

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