Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Small benefits

It is amazing how, in the morning, when you just need to get from A to B, the finding of a parking space becomes an insurmountable conundrum. It dictates when you leave the house, whether you can have breakfast, how long you stay in the office... and on and on and on! This morning the drive over was glorious; Broughty Ferry was bathed in a pre-Rafaelite glow, as the rising sun from the east melded with the haar rolling in from the North Sea. It lifted my heart. I had taken the positive attitude that I couldn't allow the fact I may have to look for a parking space deter me from coming to the office - and my positivism was rewarded, as on the second loop of the free-parking circuit I was rewarded as a Range Rover manoeuvred itself out of a parking space just in front of me. My non-believing soul was so lifted that I heard myself, barely audible but still out loud, thanking the powers that be for the parking space.

When I think about it - it is rare that I don't get a space eventually, even if it does take some shark-like circling. From now on I am going to be more optimistic and come over regardless and be prepared to walk if needs be from North Haugh - although even that gets very busy these days!

So on today's 'thankful' list - is the ability to park! :D

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