Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wrok, Wrok, Wrok...

You knew what I meant ... right?

I used to think that my grammar and punctuation were second to none - that was until I started doing my Ph.D.

Now I am beginning to feel pretty illiterate! I do accept my typing is atrocious but I will not accept that it is my grammar or spelling. I know how to spell and if bloody spell checker would leave me alone I am sure I would pick out the typos far easier - especially as it doesn't detect words that may be incorrect in that context but are real words!

For example 'fro'... I regularly type 'fro' when I clearly mean 'for'. There is a psychological explanation for these types of errors and it is to do with which hand is dominant. For example if you are right handed you will probably type the letters on that side of the keyboard before the left side, meaning you have all the right letters but they are all out of order. The same excuse for a miss placed space .. I hit the space bar with my right thumb.. which is quicker to respond to my brain than my left hand so - I end up with erroneous spaces in my text, not always noticeable when editing especially if the spacing happens to make two words out of one!
How to solve this problem I have no idea! I could take courses on how to type which seems both time consuming and laborious as I can type pretty fast (if inaccurately) as it is and I have most likely developed a lot of bad habits which would be difficult to break!
I do think I will take a piece of my writing to a workshop however and try and get it evaluated in terms of the grammar and punctuation as a refresher is never a bad thing.

I am beginning to realise that it is OK to talk about authors who used unconventional spelling and punctuation, it is laudable to promote French Feminism, which explores the phallogocentrism of language and ways to circumnavigate it's oppressive force in the creation of meaning - but try to do that yourself in an academic essay - oh NO!

Today the office is quite quiet, the sun is shining and when I left home it was in daylight, and almost daylight when I returned as well. This makes a huge difference to the working day. You do not feel so laboured when you get up and see the sun as opposed to the moon; beautiful as the moon is! And the drive over is always breathtaking when the sun is rising over the fields, casting a warming glow, and a soft welcome to Fife.

Now, to tlakce tohse erorenous comams and misp-scaled aposrtohpes!  ;)

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