Thursday, 25 February 2010

Shifting Sands

I have had a little rethink and just whizzed off an email to my supervisor(s) to suggest a reorganisation of my thesis. The whole 6 chapters thing was really not doing it for me at all, so I am now proposing a three sections thing. Dividing the thesis into three large sections which will consequently be divided onto parts. I think this will provide a more cohesive thesis and each section will be able to stand alone to some extent which is almost necessary.

The diversity of the material makes it impossible to use an over-riding theme to pull it all together so this is one way I can negotiate that hurdle hopefully. Now it is a case of waiting and seeing what they think.

tick, tick, tick, once more the waiting game begins!

Oh I have just had an idea - I could start planning the sections on my white board ... now where did I put those coloured pens??????

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