Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Driving ... and crying!

On the way in this morning, very early, I was overwhelmed by the gravity of the recent disaster in Haiti. Simon Cowell has released a single to raise money and it is a multi-artist version of REM's 'Everybody Hurts'. Now this is an emotive song anyway but when the lyrics become identified with a global tragedy on an unprecedented scale it takes on a greater significance. Stupidly I found myself crying! Now crying whilst driving is not to be advised under any circumstances! And this morning was no exception.

What is odd is I am not given to spontaneous outburst of feeling - or softies as I like to refer to them. Yes, on occasion the NSPCC advert may make me reach for the remote control before the floodgates open, so too the Dogs' Trust, but on the whole I am pretty reserved. I haven't watched any footage of the Haiti disaster purely because it is so distressing and I can do little about it. So why a song on the radio should cause such a maelstrom of feeling is a tad confusing.

Perhaps it's the incredibly early start this morning - I was here by 822! Great parking space though! :D

Still have that waiting room sensation that occurs when you are anticipating feedback, so today will be spent mulling things over. I have already spotted some secondary crit that should go in the chapter I have just submitted regarding Marsden's anarchism.

I have had a response form the literary agent I contacted regarding the Pink House. Writing in rhyme for children is apparently not a great idea as it is hard to get poetry published. Add to that the fact that I have included nonsense words and Scots dialect and you are looking at a very difficult manuscript to place. However the email was encouraging and gave me some niche publishers to contact and also invited me to submit for them - so all is not lost. I may make a writer yet!

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  1. test comment!!

    Oohh this could work!!

    All I wanted to say was "Yay" for taking the first step :) Well done. Don't forget to follow it up!!


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