Sunday, 14 February 2010

Planning, Planning with a side order of Planning please!

What a horrendously busy few weeks I have ahead of me!!! My stomach is churning at the thought of it!

The feed back is in - all 6 pages of it. Now that may sound horrendous but it is in a pretty big font and well spaced so it isn't as bad as it sounds. The good thing is the negative stuff I had already predicted and now I have something concrete to go on I can go about redressing the errors. A lot of positive feedback as well, a good dose of each I would say which gives me something to cling onto - I am not filled with the normal post-feed back desolation!

The two abstracts I submitted have been accepted so I shall be presenting at conferences 10 days apart with two different papers. I am on the ITR panel for the ART HISTORY department and I have a session planned with an Art Historian to discuss how I can better write about Vorticism! Forum is in need of serious sorting! So to summarise:
1. I have to rewrite the introduction and conclusion to be less generalised and more 'scholarly'. By March 5th (ish)
2. I have to select which of the 17000 words of this chapter are going to be turned into paper  for the University of Cambridge.
3. I have to condense my article of "Les Petite Journals Des Refusee" into a 20 minute presentation with slides and artwork by Aubrey Beardsley for the presentation at UCL.
4. Meetings are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and next Monday for Forum, ITR, and Vorticism respectively.
5. I need to plan out my next chapter so that my trips to conferences can encompass resourceful research and not just a jolly along!
6. A colleague has asked me to edit for her piece due in March.
7. Reading the AHD Teaching Policy and attending relevant dinner and review days.
8. Run my household and family without them all thinking life has gone mad.

All this whilst worrying what on earth will pay the bills in 18 months time when my Son turns 18, my funding ceases and my other half retires onto half pay!! EEK! I really do seem to have every ball imaginable in the air just now.... let's hope I can carry on catching them! Like the cartoon I found on the web - they are little bombs, each one just waiting to explode in my face.

Never before has a cartoon been so relevant to my life as the one next to my profile ... It WAS a good idea to carry on and do a Ph.D ... right?

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