Monday, 7 June 2010


So working from home seemed like a good idea at the time.

It always seems like a good idea until you realise that you are not actually 'working' at all! Merely wandering aimlessly from study to coffee machine and back again, fiddling on the t'interweb and opening and closing prospective works of unadulterated genius - if only you could actually WRITE THEM DOWN!

So I have been 'at home' for the best part of a month and the productivity has all but ceased. I am trying to kick it up a notch today by actually printing off my latest opus (the paper for CU) and making it work!

I have excuses coming out of my ears, the kids have been off, I have one permanently lurking because of 'study leave' - such an oxymoron at 16! A shift worker who wanders in and out of my house at all hours of the day and night requiring love and attention, inconvenient bank holidays which throw everything out of the window - then of course there is SUNSHINE! Such a rare occurrence in this god forsaken place that its appearance warrants taking time off - in case that is it for the rest of the summer!

Ah when you realise all the things that you need to wrangle with in order to get an hours peace it seems so futile - so you decide to start 'later' wander off for yet another cup of something hot and caffeinated!

Then, when you do feel the muse upon you, and actually write something, disaster strikes. Hit print - nothing happens. Well nothing is a slight exaggeration - three pages of sixteen appear, THEN nothing happens!

I LOATHE PRINTERS! I have yet to press the print button and for a document to appear trouble free.

the Printer Deities hate me!

Luckily the Computer Wizard was on hand to help me out and I do have a full document to edit this afternoon ... but why oh why can't these things just WORK when you need them too!

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