Friday, 16 October 2009

The 'DAY OFF".

... isn't going too well, this blasted headache won't shift! I have a doctor's appointment at 350 pm but my faith in the medical profession is pretty low. Although I am seeing a new female doctor! So there may well be hope!

Having decided to set aside the books for the weekend to spend sometime with my kids I am not forced to negotiate appointments instead. The best laid plans and all that!

Still the holidays haven't been too bad - the kids seem to have been happy to bumble along by themselves most of the time and I have got my lounge painted and the downstairs loo was freshened up - so things have been achieved!

It's my mum's birthday today - I wish I was with her. So far away! :(

The books are beckoning to me - I have a plan for the next couple of months that just needs discussing with SS ( the supervisor not the Nazi police force! Although sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two!) so roll on Monday's meeting!

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