Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday Morning

... after the clocks went back isn't so bad, and I am not feeling too tired; it feels like I got up an hour later than normal! I made it to the office even though I had a very sleepy, cosy body next to me, that just makes me want to curl up and stay put - well until he snores that is!

The plan for today is to finish reading the book on manifestoes and then get to grips with the actual context of Vorticism.

I haven't had anY residual pangs of anxiety about the meeting with Herr Supervisor, so I can only feel that what I said truly reflected the situation and how I felt about it. I know that I need to pull out a bloody good piece of writing on this next piece or I am in trouble but I am going back to basics on it and making sure it is edited and re-drafted thoroughly before I hand it over!
My neighbour is writing a novel about terrorism on the back of his recent success in getting a book about terrorist organisations published - he has asked me to act as editor and proof reader. This is quite onerous as it isn't a book I would ordinarily even read once it was finished let alone in its infancy - but I couldn't really refuse and it is superb experience. If he does get it published then the fact I edited it is going to be good for the CV!
I have had porridge for breakfast and I have homemade lentil soup for lunch - so good wholesome workhorse fuel for me!
Was asked to share an essay I did today with a guy working on lepidoptery in Woolf so I shall need to dig that out!! Quite flattering as it was at my old tutor's insistence that he read my paper as he would find it informative for his research! Perhaps I should submit it for publication! And this lady is a formidable ally!

My minor whinge for this morning is this - why does the local coffee shop insist on giving me half a cup of coffee and half a cup of froth?? Hmmm and why is they say women are the 'talkers', yet my all male office next door is full of constant babbling!!! IRONY IS ALIVE AND WELL IN STUDENTVILLE THIS MORNING!

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