Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hallowed Halls of Knowledge.

As I arrive at university this morning I just took the time to appreciate exactly where it is I go to work each day, where it is that has accepted me as one of their own"scholars" and where it is that provides me with the materials and means to do what I love to do.
This is one of the oldest universities in Europe - it will be 600 years old in 2013. The town grew from the university which I believe started out as a remote religious monastery, perched on the cliffs of the North Scottish sea.
Inclement weather, rolling waves that roar like thunder and winds that howl like the proverbial banshee mark this place out. You need to be of stern stuff to survive the winter here!
The quads are scattered with golden red leaves as the trees shed their summer mantles to steal themselves against the winter months. The rain is covering everything with a dull gloss, permeating the gold stone to a dark slate colour, a warning of worse to come. But it puts a spring in your step to walk through the quads and hear the walls of this ancient place whisper its secrets to you of history, time and the continuity of life.

It may be raining but where better to be than here, tucked up warm in my office, with my best friends* around me and my laptop humming quietly as I type.

I am very lucky to be here, I am very lucky they will have me and I do want to do them proud.

* of course I am referring to the books!!! It is always ALL about the books!

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