Friday, 23 October 2009

Unburdening the soul...

is supposed to be good for you isn't it?

The supervisor's meeting - or the lion's den as I like to think of it - should be sacrosanct like the confessional.
So why does it feel more like shooting myself in the foot?

I took the plunge and was honest about how I felt - this could prove extremely productive or incredibly foolhardy! Time will tell.

Still all in all the meeting was ok! But then they always are - it's only afterwards that I begin to sweat about the ins and outs of the discussion!

One thing is for sure if I don't stop beating myself and start believing in myself I am going to become that old adage the self fulfilling prophecy!!!

Off home for a cup of tea and a hobnob! Sod that - I think I may even be tempted to run the IBs gauntlet and have a glass of wine!

And next week this blog is going to be a hive of bloggertivity! There is so much in this world to be grateful for, worrying over things that haven't happened and may never happen has no place in it!

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