Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Needles in Haystacks

I found myself in the shower, cheerfully exfoliating when I caught the fleeting glimpse of an idea. A fairly decent idea, one I haven't read anywhere else and one I *think* may provide a substantial part of this chapter I am working on!
Once dressed I hurtled down the stairs to my old friend 'google' and starting typing in fervently for some facts and figures, enough to cast a line up and tether that floating, nebulous idea firmly to the ground - before it drifted off into the ether with all the other good ideas I have had over the past year!

Result - google did it's magic and some things got thrown up in the searches that are actually worthwhile and will definitely be useful in my interpretation. It's a poem by H.D. - now I have the facts, the backgrounds etc all I need to work out is when this poem was written. Oh I can find the poem as it is all over the internet, as poems tend to be, in blogs, archives, literary webpages, scholarly essays, book extracts, anthologies etc etc etc - but not one of them provides that elusive little detail - WHEN DID H.D. WRITE 'AT ITHACA' OR 'EVADNE' ??????

I have a feeling the information I need may well be in one of the books in my office so I may well put it aside for one moment and leaving H.D. out of it attempt to create the nexus of ideas that are surfing on the crest of my brainwaves just now!

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